Re: Multi column layout question.

Jim King (
Fri, 23 Jun 95 20:10:01 -0700

kitblake said:
>This discussion began with the observation that many companies, with fast
>links and nice monitors, are making very wide pages. Check out
> It's at least 700 pixels.
>This generates long lines of text, which are hard to read.
>Having some control mechanism to organize text in columns makes for better

True, but the situation you describe is best handled by a BROWSER that puts
pages into columns, rather than a language that forces it on all browsers.
So those with the big monitors you are talking about can view large sites in
columns, while those with normal equipment can view the site also.
Portability is the whole idea behind HTML: the pages you write are displayed
the best they can be on the VIEWER's equipment, no matter what it is. I,
for one, would never write a site that _required_ $2000 monitors to view it.

OTOH, if you are talking about an internal custom set-up, rather than a
global open system, there's no reason NOT to use something like Acrobat or
Frame's viewer, both of which give you the control you desire.
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