Re: Multi column layout question.

Kurt Foss (
Fri, 23 Jun 1995 08:10:56 -0600

At 8:52 AM 6/23/95, Kirk A. Troy wrote:
>> How do you decide what size a page is in a portable manner?
>> If the page too long, the reader of your document will have to
>> scroll down to read the text at the bottom of the first column,
>> and then have to scroll back up to read the text at the top of
>> the second column.
>Thats where you try and keep the page to a reasonable length, so they won't
>have to do that. But if it did happen to go for more than a screen, then you
>simply put a <HR> and continue.

Then again, if *precise* formatting is vital to a specific presentaion of
information, there *are* better tools than html ... and Adobe Acrobat, for
one, also allows article threading, among other features.

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