Re: ALT specification

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Thu, 22 Jun 1995 15:30:15 +0200

[Jonathan L. Neuenschwander]

| I'll second the plea for more than just text inside ALT. One thing I've
| discovered users seem to expect is that an imagemap be replaced with a
| a menu when images are turned off.

No flaming intended, but I really cannot see why you'd want to ruin HTML
this way. Parsing the ALT attribute makes about as much sense as parsing
the SRC attribute; imagine passing a <IMG SRC="<A HREF...>">.

As others have already pointed out, the FIG element does a much better job
of solving this problem (and also makes imagemaps obsolete, which IMHO are
a lose anyway).

I urge you to check out the HTML 3.0 specification at
<URL:>. It's
great reading if you're interested in HTML.

Karl Anders Oygard