.Map files & the # link

Chris Hackett (chackett@gasou.edu)
Wed, 21 Jun 1995 14:31:59 -0400

Good day,

I seem to have run into a bit of a problem. I have a clickable
image with buttons for different things. The home.html file is an index
type file. The buttons at the top of the page point to items on that page.
However, I'm having a bit of trouble getting the .map file to point to the
correct place. Say, lets have an example.

I have the following line in the .map file:

rect http://www.gasou.edu/home.html#teaching x,y x,y

Then in the home.html file I have the following line:

<a name="#teaching"></a><h2>Teaching</h2>

Seems logical to me. But if you click on the appropriate button in
the image, it will send you to the bottom of the home.html file. Is a
matter of fact, no matter what coordinates you have maped, it will always
jump to the bottom of the page....regardless of where the actual location
is in relation to the bottom of the page. Thanks for any advice.

Chris Hackett (chackett@gasou.edu)
WWW Developer
Georgia Southern University