Correct syntax of <LI> tags

ccaamwd (
Wed, 21 Jun 95 16:38:44 +0100

Dear All,

I hope someone out there can give me a definitive answer on this one:

I use the emacs html-major-mode to edit html-2-compliant files.
The emacs mode inserts a whitespace after every automatically generated
<LI> tag within a <UL> which, on most browsers, seems to be ignored.
Only Netscape seem to attach significance to this,
which makes the list display with an untidy ragged left edge,
approximately thus:

Mosaic and others:

* Text.....


* Text...

Is the emacs mode right, and Netscape should be ignoring something which it
isn't, or is the whitespace being correctly interpreted by Netscape, in which
case it simply shouldn't be there?

Thanks in advance!


Matthew Darlison