HTML-SPEC_5.HTML Appears Incomplete

Ian Samson (
Wed, 21 Jun 95 11:53:29 -0700

I have been looking through the HTMLs on WWW.W3.ORG and have seen a
problem with HTML-SPEC_5.HTML, the relevant portion of the HTML is below:

<H3><A NAME="SEC59" HREF="spec_toc.htm#SEC59" REL=TOC>Anchor: A</A></H3>

The <EM>A</EM> <A HREF="spec_2.htm#GLOSS13" REL=GLOSSARY>element</A>
indicates a <A HREF="spec_2.htm#GLOSS19" REL=GLOSSARY>hyperlink</A> <A
HREF="spec_2.htm#GLOSS2" REL=GLOSSARY>ancho

And that is where it ends. Could you please direct me to the full copy of
this HTML as one of my users urgently requires it?

Thank you.


Ian Samson HSRC NetWare Network Human Sciences Research Council Pretoria, South Africa e-mail: