Re: columns
Thu, 8 Jun 95 05:47:14 PDT

> I've got a few pictures that are purely decorative but that (if
> displayed) need hypertext links to copyright and disclaimer
> information. If no pictures is displayed, i don't want the links, so
> i don't want any alternate text or any other text accompanying the
> images. I figure the easiest way to do this is to wrap a <a> around a
> centered <img>, but html3 doesn't seem to support that. (I could use a
> netscape extension to HTML, but i'd rather not.)
> Does anybody know how to do what I'm trying to do, with <fig>? If it's
> not possible, is there hope of getting the "center" alignment spec
> added to <img> tags in the html3 standard? (<fig> has the added
> disadvantage that it's not "backward compatible" with old browsers,
> but i suppose that that'll eventually cease being a problem. 8-)

IMG is part of a paragraph, and can be centered by centering the
paragraph it's in:

<P align=center>
<A ...><IMG ...></A>

I suspect doing it with a <FIG> won't work very well, because you
can't put a <FIG> inside an <A>, and an empty <A> (inside a <FIG>) is
liable to leave artifacts in text-mode browsers.