re: cgi counter script
Wed, 7 Jun 1995 06:37:52 +0500 writes:
> Hello. I have run into a weird problem with a cgi script I am trying to
> use. I have a script "test.html" in my cgi-bin directory. It has been
> written to produce a count of hit on a page. When testing this script at
> the command line, it works, and produces the desired result. However,
> when I attempt to run the script through the broweser, I get a message
> "data file empty" or something similiar to that. All rights have been
> set correctly. Any ideas?
You really need to emulate the environment your httpd runs the script under
e.g. su to the user which the httpd runs as and set the appropriate environment
variables to run the script, this often helps to identify the problem.


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