Re: HTML Ideas

Murray Altheim (
Thu, 1 Jun 1995 17:28:43 +0500

>On Thu, 1 Jun 1995, Joe English wrote:
>> Lisajoy <> wrote:
>> > There seem to be so many good ideas for upcoming versions to HTML. There
>> > should be a place to post these ideas, not questions, just ideas for
>> > upcoming HTML revisions.
>> This mailing list (www-html) is just the place.
>Yes, I agree, but no one really pays attention to it seriously enough. I
>feel like it should go directly to Netscape or Cern or someonw of that
>nature. Just a thought!

If nobody pays attention to this list, it's because the noise level of
non-html chatter has been raised to a point where MOST of the messages have
nothing to do with the HTML language and its changing syntax.

This _is_ the forum. Let's all use it appropriately and it _will_ be read
by those at Netscape, NCSA, etc. Its subscription list includes those
involved in the creation of HTML 3.0, as well as representatives of most of
the browser and server publishers.


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