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Alexander, Larry (
Fri, 2 Jun 1995 18:12:07 +0500

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Subject: Re: Registered
Author: at ~Internet_Mail
Date: 6/2/95 11:37 AM

>Scott Preston wrote:
>>Walter, I'm using Windows - I looked at the table and the labels do match.

>Why do some of the descriptions have parenthesis around them?
>Because the 128-159 range is not too well defined, and I haven't
>cross-checked them yet.

>there is another reference to tilde (&#151 =97 (tilde)? ) which doesn't
>display correctly (for me).
>What do you emdash perhaps? Did you view with Netscape or another?

I like the Latin 1 list located at:

These all seem to work (even in the 128-159 range) in the three browsers I
am using for testing - NCSA Mosaic v2b4, Netscape 1.1N, and an old Spry

BTW &#150 seems to always provide an en dash, &#151, an em dash. My biggest
problem now is to display an author's name from an Eastern European country
whose name has a cap Y and two dots over it. No dice in a western font.