A good UNIX internet service provider?

Thu, 1 Jun 1995 23:46:32 +0500

Has anyone found a good internet connection (and e-mail capability) for a
UNIX station. I'm sure something like this exists, but a company companies
have failed in providing me what they promise (namely, a local (San Jose)
company called CCnet, and the even bigger PSINet).

According to both of them, their client base is mainly Mac or PC, so
understandibly, talking UNIX is like speaking Albanian.

I would love to check out all this HTML stuff at work, but have not been able
to get connected and my company isn't willing to fork out BIG bucks to get
this going , as we are in R&D. If it's something I can set up in a couple of
days or so, that would be GREAT.

Thanks beforehand - and I hope this isn't considered "html clutter".