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>From: www-html@www10.w3.org on Wed, May 31, 1995 6:34 PM
>but another way around the problem would be to have guidelines
> for those who are writing the printing programs for the clients
>I don't believe we need official guidelines for this - any more than
>we need official guidelines about how <em> should be rendered.
>Possibly suggestions, but that's about it.
>On the other hand, UNOFFICIAL guidelines would be more than welcome,
>and could be written by anyone interested. If overviews of the
>available printing software (as opposed to browsers, which I find do a
>miserable job of printing HTML) were attached and kept up to date, it
>would be nearly invaluable.
>As a final note, I think the style-sheet mechanism should include - at
>the very least - places for "style" items for media other than a
>display. For example, setting widow/orphans for printing would be
>appropriate for a style sheet.

I think all of the items Mike mentioned warrant readers/browsers
according to the device being used. Current HTML browsers utilize the
video screen for output; why not have a Stylesheet DTD Browser that
interprets printer tags? One for audio( AV ) tags? etc.?

The HTML browser calls the appropriate browser ( NOT Helper
Application! ) to interpret tags it can't understand based on the
function involved. When I start a print job, the HTML browser does
nothing; it's the job of the "Print" Browser to relay the info to the

Kind of a "OLE/OpenDoc/CORBA" meets "SGML"....

This might be the same ideas that have been tossed around before in
this same thread; just a thought...

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