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Bruce Morris (bmorris@usit.net)
Wed, 31 May 1995 08:24:03 +0500

>>Hello. I have a question about using transparent gif's with netscape's
>>backgrounds. How come these gif's aren't transparent? If I don't use a
>>background on the page, the gif is transpaernt. But if I do use a
>>background, there seems to be a black hue around the image. Any ideas?
>If you want a transparent gif on a page containing a background, make sure
>the transparent gif is NOT interlaced. :)

I beg to politely differ. I'm not sure what your reasons are for saying this
but I would like to point you to several of my pages where I do exactly what
you warn against with (as far as I can tell) success. I haven't noticed any
problems with interlacing transparent GIFs shown against a background -
either colored of GIF or both.


and also


Please educate me if I am missing something here |-(:-)

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