Re: Converting HTML back to RTF/Printing Issues

Howard Jones (
Tue, 30 May 1995 03:47:41 +0500

On Tue, 30 May 1995, Charles Cave wrote:
> Recently there has been discussion on this mailing list
> of how browsers should be able to make a good job of
> printing HTML.
> I have been toying with the problem of taking an existing
> HTML document (usually from anothe Web site) and making a decent
> Word 5.1 document.
> If an HTML -> RTF filter exists, then the HTML document could be
> converted to a Word Processing document and printed nicely from
> there.
> My proposed solution was a perl script to convert a subset
> of HTML to RTF, in particular Heading styles, <b>, <i> <u>
> and lists. If the filter could do the bulk of the work then
> I would be happy.
> Does such a tool exist?
> Charles
Again, (I never thought I'd find myself recommending Microsoft
products!), Word Interet Assistant should do this. I was looking at RTF
libraries (for a different purpose) recently, and I found that there are
a couple that will read RTF but not much for writing. There seemed to be
a lot of standard header information that had to be set up for a minimal

I did have a URL for RTF resources, but I seem to have lost it. I know it
came from the comp.text FAQ though.

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