Re: page control in HTML
Mon, 29 May 1995 23:46:32 +0500

Thanks to Andrew for his comments
he wrote
I think the simplest problem with this approach is that it clutters up
HTML with features that are relevant only to one specific style of output.
If tags or attributes are added specifically for printing, then what about
screen display?
it seems to me that HTML only has features that are relevant to
screen display and I would like to have some very primitive control
over the page layout so I want need to keep duplicates or what ever

but another way around the problem would be to have guidelines
for those who are writing the printing programs for the clients

for instance if there is an <H1> and less than 60% of the page
will be available belowe the header then skip to next page
if we are not at the top of page now or if we are belowe 40%
or some other figure. These figures could optionally be set by
the user - it seems to me that there are no such guidelines
and the header can be the last line on the page

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