Re: page control in HTML
Mon, 29 May 1995 12:37:46 +0500

So far I have only had one comment on my original question
suggesting that I generate a different report document to be printed
e.g. a postscript file and give a reference to that in the
report document appearing on the screen

this is not an easy or nice solution and I dont know how to
make this document go to the printer of the user

I take it that there is no way of doing this nicely
so I iterate my request that there should be something like
<HR NEWPAGE> or a new tag <PAGE> then there could also
be a tag <NOPAGE> which would make a block go together on
a page

I know that html is not meant for layout, but the fact is that
increasingly html documents are the primary documents and
there are times when people want these printed out nicely
so the least that could be done is to let ASCII 12 ( &FF or what ever )
go through to the printing program

then we dont need to do formatting before printing or keep duplicates
of the relevant files

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