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Kee Hinckley (
Mon, 22 May 1995 18:03:10 +0500

At 2:13 PM 5/22/95, Murray Altheim wrote:
>I tend to agree that inline HTML could raise some major problems, both
>technical and legal. I prefer managing it somehow through the editing

Actually I rather suspect it would solve more problems than it causes. If
I copy your text then we have problems, if I client-side inline it then
it's no different than someone reading it directly from you. Xanadu was
headed in that direction at least partially for that reason -- opyright
becomes much clearer if you don't have to copy.

>process, rather than by server or browser, especially since there are a
>*LOT* of servers and browsers that currently don't handle it, and a break
>would create a serious deficiency in the ability to read a document.

I don't buy "break the browser" reasoning. That's a way to limit the future
of HTML. Tables break old browsers too. If it's a serious problem, there
are already accepted ways of dealing it (the Accept fields, for instance,
or server-side smarts that only dish out what the browser can read).

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