Re: device-independent units (NOT!)
Wed, 17 May 1995 14:31:22 +0500

> Is anyone else as appalled as I am at the use of "pixels" as the
> spatial unit in the Netscape IMG WIDTH and HEIGHT tags? I am writing a
> browser which goes directly from HTML to Postscript, and what am I
> supposed to do with a request to make an image "50" wide? 50 what? I
> guess everyone "knows" that a pixel is 1/75 inch, right? Or is is
> 0.01"? Why didn't they use some device-independent unit, and is it too
> late to correct this really shameful situation??
> Henry

There is much to be disliked about many of the Netscape extensions to HTML
as well as the way in which they were thrust upon the WWW community. My
advice to you is to disregard the Netscape extensions and base your
browser on the legitimate versions of HTML (1.x, 2.x, 3.0,...). Take
an espcially good look at vs. 3.0.


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