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Christian Dackus (
Thu, 18 May 1995 17:39:58 +0500

I was wondering,

for a week I went to visit a big dutch publishing business. They are on the
web too ( Our firm has been bought by this so called

What I saw there was a demonstration via Netscape, of some magazines they
are planning to publish online very soon. The lay-out was like this:

Pull-down menu with all the

Very nice, but the interesting thing was, that by choosing one option of
the pull-down menu, the browser skipped to the requested chapter.

Now I was not able to see the code, so I tried myself to create it, I did
it like this:

<form method=post action="">
<option><a href="..">Chapter 1</a>
<option><a href="..">Chapter 2</a>

Well, don't try it, it won't work. So now my question is, what kind of code
do I have to use. Is it some new feature of HTML 2/3, is it only possible
with the commercial version of Netscape, or I am to stupid to find out
myself how easy it is (which I really believe) to make a pull-down with

Who can help me out?

I am sorry, but that is NOT all.
I have another problem, namely something of which I think that it is
difficult indeed. I need to make a script, I think, that can put some names
(taken from the name of some folder/directory) into a standard HTML

<img src=".......1.gif">
img src="......2.gif">

I need to fill in the names where the dots are. TIPS?


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