Re: Clearing a margin

Alex Stewart (
Wed, 17 May 1995 23:36:37 +0500

> Please excuse me if I'm confusing NetScape extensions with orthodox HTML. I
> understand how to align text next to an image (for example <img align=left
> src="images/smileyface.gif"> followed by text) but how does one align
> subsequent text to fall below the image, flush with the left margin? I've
> tried using a <clear> attribute, but either I used it incorrectly or it
> didn't work. Currently, I've been making do with blank spaces and <br>
> commands beneath the aligned text until it clears the image and I can start
> text again at the left margin. This can't be right.
> Am I guity of NetScape-centrism? Is there an answer to my query?

What you're referring to is a Netscape extension, but it's also part of the
currently-being-developed HTML 3.0 spec, so it won't be Netscape-centric

The proper way to deal with this, I believe, is using a <br clear=left> tag
(or clear=right or clear=all).

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