Re: overloading QUERY_STRING
Tue, 16 May 1995 21:22:12 +0500

> [...] The URL is well over 2,000 bytes

It's often possible to reduce this, either by using a POST form instead,
or by using two pages, where the previous one is generated on the fly and
contains some of the data.

> Please note I set the dos shell environment to '/E:8192'

on the server or the client?

> My opinion is that the environment space should only be limited by the
> available memory. ( I suspect the fellow who wrote Perl might agree ).

Larry Wall wrote perl, and might agree, but can't control how the various
operating systems are implemented.

However, the environemnt is only an issue on the system running the
web server, not on the browser's machine. The browser might well have a
hard limit on the length of a URL, though, and that might be what you are
running into here.


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