Re: legal status of ©?

Carolyn Pearson (
Sun, 14 May 1995 19:37:11 +0500

I was told in a recent speech at the Library of Congress, given by one of
the officials of the Copyright Office, that copyright is implicit, and no
symbol or notice is required. Given this, I think that if you do want to
include a notice, "(c)", "copyright" written out, or the standard copyright
symbol should be acceptible -- whichever is easiest to use in your situation.

Furthermore, if a copyright notice _is_ included in something, it is illegal
to remove it.

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wrong email address, please instruct me on the proper procedure. Thanks.

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>Though I am not an attorney and am not trying to be, according to some legal
>eagle freinds of mine the copyright symbol really does no matter. If it is
>your work, ideas, designs, etc.. it is yours and it is illegal to copy this
>work whether there is a copyright symbol or not. Does anyone know if this
>is right? I am curious if some of my lawyer buddies really know what they
>are talking about.
>Dave Dixon
>>Does anyone want to comment on whether &copy; is legal as a copyright
>>signature? It's well known that "(c)" isn't, for example. What about
>> Brian
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