What is PDF? (Re: PRE)

Tue, 2 May 1995 13:03:27 +0500


>Subject: What is PDF? (Re: PRE)

>From: demizu@nff.ncl.omron.co.jp at cc_smtp2

>Date: 5/2/95 4:32 AM

>> Yes you can control the spacing. But not if you use HTML. HTML is a
>> content markup language *NOT* a text setting system. If you insist on
>> double spacing, pick one of the many languages which allow you that;
>> to mention a few: PDF, PostScript and (La)TeX.

>What is ``PDF''? I've heard that it's a Web formatting language.
>Where can I get more information about it? Thanks in advance.

>Noritoshi Demizu, OMRON Corporation

"PDF", or "Portable Document Format" is a file format that is
used to represent a document independent of the application software,
hardware or OS that created it.

Though it is the native document format of the Adobe Acrobat product family,
it is a published, open standard. PDF is a "Final Form Description Language"
with electronic navigation features (including support for links to HTML
documents), that has the layout richness of PostScript. (You can think of
it as "compiled PostScript.")

To find out more and get a free PDF reader, visit the Adobe home page
at http://www.adobe.com .

Liz McQuarrie
Acrobat Engineering
Adobe Systems