server time/date stamp

Willy Lehotz (
Fri, 28 Apr 1995 09:51:18 +0500

Greetings again.

Question?: Who can I make our sever, which is msdos Pc based, place a
content type: Content Text/html. We use the Galacticomm software Major BBS.
I would also like to have the time and date placed on the document when a
browser requests one of our pages. Doing it manually is not cost effective.
Perhaps, the answer lies in the Mbbs software, but their techs don't have an
answer for me.

Question?: How can I really tell if I am writting in the HTML 2.0 format?
Most of what I follow in this conference is based on UNIX. Our pc dos
based 486 can not run "script", or can they?

Question?: Has anyone tried to interface their web site with Visual Basic?
I want to build a database to login users who fill out a form. Is there a
way to have our sever log this information for us.

Last question?: I scaned in photos off a high glossay newsletter and they
were saved as 8-bit gray scale. Why does NSCA Mosaic 2.04b not display
our inline graphics? Every other brower (to my knowledge) we tested
worked fine.

Thank you all every much. These questions are almost a repeat of the
message I sent 04-27-95. Sorry I did not mean to overload the system.
I am seeking answers.

Willy Lehotz
Mastech Systems Corporation