style sheets [was: Re: Seriffed and sans-serif fonts?]
Mon, 24 Apr 1995 18:47:32 +0500

> From: Brian Behlendorf <>

> This is all definitely as things should go, but I worry that style sheets
> won't even be introduced as a possibility until SGML-based browsers are
> out there and used in abundance, which could be a long time.

Well, we have already shipped the freely available version
of SoftQuad Panorama -- an SGML helper app. and browser for the WWW -- to
a number of distributors, including Spyglass. The PRO version is currently
shipping in small quantities, and will be shipping generally in a week or
two; the fre version will soon be available by ftp, and we will be making
announcements so that people can try it out.

The `week or two' delay is mostly so that people with existing SGML can
put it up on their web servers, so there's something to look at for the

However, SoftQuad Panorama is not intended for use with HTML of the sort
that's typically found on the web -- e.g. it doesn't handle omitted tags.

I said earlier:
> > There are some problems with the current style sheet syntax when included
> > in a document -- HTML 2 browsers either go bananas or display the text
> > of the style sheet at the top of the document -- but I think that could be
> > fixed by putting the syntax into elements with attributes.
> But, HTML 2 browsers should never have to see them, if the <STYLE> tag is
> HTML 3 only :) If one uses a <LINK> mechanism, then it's not a problem.

Yes. The problem is that the style sheet is optionally included in the
content of the STYL element, inline. It's optional, though, so you don't
have to use it.


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