passing angle brackets in form parameters?
Sat, 22 Apr 95 09:44:01 PDT

>OK folks,
> I'm trying to write a PERL script that returns different HTML
>depending on whether HTML 3.0 tables are supported or not, but I'm not
>sure which browsers support this! So far the only browsers I know of that
>support HTML 3.0 tables are:
>Browser HTTP User Agent value
>~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>Arena Arena/version.number
>Netscape-1.1b3 Mozilla/1.1b3
>Are there any other browsers out there that support them?

NCSA Mosaic supports tables!!! The best implementation at the moment is in
our Windows client (which, by the way, is all but indistinguishable from
Netscape's implementation, but we had them first), Mac is only negligibly
behind them (if at all), and the X client may still be lagging a little
behind (I haven't looked lately).

Mosaic for Windows: since 2.0.0a8
Mosaic for Mac: since 2.0.0b1 (actually, it was in a bunch of the
alpha releases, but I never knew which ones were internal releases and
which ones were public...)
Mosaic for X: I'm not sure of the version # where tables were
initially supported; the newest is 2.6b1 I think.


Tom Magliery ** NCSA ** 605 E Springfield ** Champaign IL 61820 ** USA