Installing WN Web Server

Pierre Violet (
Fri, 21 Apr 1995 10:28:45 +0500

I am installing a WN web server, but i have some problems with it...
I have compiled the source and configure before the config.h file.
In my public_html, i have several html files used with others web servers (so
i am sure that everything is ok with it!)
As needed, I created the index.cache file (made by wndex with the index file)

1) fist of all, all my links are ok, local ones as others... but the server
cant find none of the .gif stored in my public_html directory... I tried to add
the .gif in the index.cache file, but its the same... What should I do?

2) and 2nd prob: when I request the server like I dont
receive anything, but I have set the #define DEFAULT_URI as it should be...
This is a problem, but I also want to switch this DEFAULT_URI to a directory
(like the DocumentRoot of the ncsa server...). What did I wrong?

Thanks for help

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