Re: Browsers which support HTML 3.0 Tables

Tom Magliery (
Thu, 20 Apr 1995 11:16:58 +0500

>OK folks,
> I'm trying to write a PERL script that returns different HTML
>depending on whether HTML 3.0 tables are supported or not, but I'm not
>sure which browsers support this! So far the only browsers I know of that
>support HTML 3.0 tables are:
>Browser HTTP User Agent value
>~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>Arena Arena/version.number
>Netscape-1.1b3 Mozilla/1.1b3
>Are there any other browsers out there that support them?

Uh, yeah, there's a nifty new browser out called "NCSA Mosaic" which
supports tables....

Tables since
Platform version #... Notes
Windows 2.0.0a8 Currently our best implementation,
had them before Netscape, (interesting
to compare the two), etc.
Mac 2.0.0b1 A VERY close second to Windows.
Actually had tables in 2.0.0 alphas,
but I can never keep them all straight,
and believe me, we had a lot more
internal alpha releases than you all
ever saw...
X 2.4 But they didn't support arbitrary
markup in the table cells, and
unfortunately, they still don't.


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