Re: Browsers which support HTML 3.0 Tables

lilley (
Wed, 19 Apr 1995 15:47:00 +0500


> On Wed, 19 Apr 1995, Tony Jebson wrote:

> > Browser HTTP User Agent value
> > ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> > Arena Arena/version.number
> > Netscape-1.1b3 Mozilla/1.1b3
> >
> > Are there any other browsers out there that support them?

> NCSA Mosaic 2b4 supports html3 tables.

On what platform , and what is the User Agent value?

For X, I found that Mosaic 2.5 sort of supported tables. A text-only table
was rendered OK, while one with mixed text and graphics was a complete mess.
Still on the X platform, 2.6b1 was just the same.
Arena 0.96s supports most of the table spec, but dumps core if it finds a
FIG inside the table.
Netscape 1.1b3 (X platform and PC platform) supports most of the table spec
but ignores table alignment.
I have reason to believe (from looking at our log files) that Mosaic
for Mac may support tables, but am unable to try it myself.

Browser HTTP User Agent value
~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Arena 0.96s Arena/0.96s libwww/
Mosaic 2.5 NCSA Mosaic for the X Window System/2.5 libwww/2.12 modified
Mosaic 2.6b1 NCSA Mosaic/2.6b1 (X11;HP-UX A.09.03 9000/735)
Mosaic 2.0.0.b5 NCSA Mosaic/2.0.0 b5 (Macintosh)
Netscape 1.1b3 Mozilla/1.1b3 (X11; I; HP-UX A.09.03 9000/735)

I tried emacs-w3 mode and it did not do tables, but is not the latest
version either.

Emacs W3 mode Emacs-W3/2.1.90 URL/1.212

The URL I used for this check was:


which includes two tables, one with text and one with a text/img mix.

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