Re: Word wrapping

Philippe-Andre Prindeville (
Tue, 18 Apr 1995 13:39:30 +0500

This discussion of word-wrapping reminds me: has anyone thought of
hyphenation? I know it is a can-of-worms to include, but *good*
dictionnaries and rulesets exist to intelligently break words...

And the text would flow so much more nicely...

Of course, this might seem frivoulous now, but keep in mind: (a)
HTML will have a lifespan of at least a decade... what seems like a
serious challenge--ie writing good toolkits and widgets, etc.--now
will seem trivial in retrospect in 2-3 years, (b) machines can
only get faster, and hyphenation isn't really that CPU expensive.

I remember when we were working on X10 (no, that isn't a typo...):
Widgets seemed daunting, and only a "select few" were competent to
write them. Now, you run out, buy the O'Reilly books, and in a
few weeks you can have a production quality widget that will do just
about anything you can imagine...

Think BIG.

There's no other way.


P.S. Abigail: that's not a very Dutch name, is it? Hmm....