Forcing external viewers to launch?

Ray Doeksen (
Fri, 14 Apr 1995 01:12:40 +0500

I'm trying to get Netscape (Windows version 1.0 in this case) to launch an
external viewer. The files are text, but end in a unique suffix. I created
a set in the Preferences:

Mime type: Text Subset: foo Extensions: foo

And set it, alternately, to either launch an application (browsed to it...)
or to save, or to prompt the user. Something about getting to a textfile,
by any means (protocols: http, file, no protocol) always caused the browser
to just load it as html and display it as fixed font.

It seemed intuitively correct that if I configured Netscape (or any other
browser with this sort of cofigurable display of linked files) to deal with
these files, it would behave nicely. If not, it severly limits the type of
files that we will be able to add 'on the fly' without changing server
software, browsers, or other major revamps in the methods that users use to
view things on the Web.

What of it? Did I forget something obvious?

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