macHTTP & forms
Thu, 13 Apr 1995 11:42:01 +0500

i appreciat very much j wiederspan's comprehensive tutorials for the
macHTTP software. it helped me a lot to do the first steps writing for
forms- applications.
unfortunately i encounter a problem which- even after a full day of
investigating- i am unable to solve. the same form- script performs at
times, and does not perform most times. in tjhe latter case it seems, that
even the .cgi application (an apple script saved as application, no
startup, stay open) does not get launched. (launching this script from an
ordinary href works flawlessly and fast (but thats not what i want, because
i need some input from the client).
i tried all sort of things:: increasing application memory, changing paths/
location of the .cgi files- with no success: i get the expected feedback,
but the next moment i get an (unspecified) error.
i would very much appreciate some help. thanks a lot,

andreas schneider

this is a basic sample form/ script (i do not even use the input- just to
keep it simple & to exclude as many variable as possible):

<form action="plain.acgi" method=post>
<input type="text" name="name1" value="" maxlength=40> simple text via .cgi

(the file "plain.cgi" is in the same folder than macHTTP and the forms html

property crlf : (ASCII character 13) & (ASCII character 10)
property http_10_header : "HTTP/1.0 200 OK" & crlf & "Server: MacHTTP" &
crlf & ツ
"MIME-Version: 1.0" & crlf & "Content-type: text/html" & crlf & crlf
property idletime : 600
property datestamp : 0
set datestamp to current date

on ヌevent WWWスsdocネ path_args given ヌclass postネ:post_args
set datestamp to current date
set return_page to http_10_header & ツ
return return_page
end ヌevent WWWスsdocネ

on idle
if (current date) > (datestamp + idletime) then
end if
return 5
end idle

on quit
continue quit
end quit


i had same problems on a powerbook 180 and a quadra 840AV. , us international system.