RE: What in the world happened to this list?

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>From: on Tue, Apr 4, 1995 10:47 PM
>Subject: What in the world happened to this list?
>To: Multiple recipients of list
>I thought this list was supposed to discuss issues that actually had
>some relevance to HTML or at least some substance. This list is in a
>tailspin, it's out of control.

I haven't been on this list long( 2 days - 48 hrs ), but what I've
relates to HTML. If you don't consider HTML-based products as HTML,
then I guess you're right. But everything else has been relevant.

> Isn't there someone who has some control over the
>postings? This wasn't an FAQ the last time I checked, and if anyone
>took the time to notice, people are jumping ship every day. People are
>dying to get off this list. Dan!

Too bad - I hope your fall is not too far! :> I'm staying. Although
list is not pure theory, like comp.database.theory, it still has good
technical substance. Besides, the list is only as good as it's
contributors make it - go ahead and talk HTML!

>Come on you must have some pull around here. Please,
>someone take a little control, weed out all the crud and get back to
>some of the real issues.
>Desperate for some real knowledge,

Already tried that. Virtual knowledge is much more challenging!

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