Re: Why Mosaic

Thomas Mohr (
Fri, 7 Apr 1995 04:34:56 +0500

>>>>> On Tue, 4 Apr 1995 04:49:49 +0500, "C.J.Osborne" <> said:
>> <My question is: Why does people use Mosaic when
>> <Netscape is better and
>> <can be obtained free all over the net?
>> Netscape is not free for all users. Netscape is free for
>> personal users and non-profit organizations. Companies and
>> government agencies that provide Web access to their users
>> must use a free browser, such as NCSA Mosaic, or pay for
>> Netscape or an enhanced Mosaic.

This is interesting. As far as I know, NCSA does not consider
NCSA Mosaic code as free (they have signed a contract with

Is there a free C/C++ library with similar functionality to NCSA's
libhmtlw at all ? Pointers are welcome.

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