Back to HTML! [was: What in the world happened to this list?]

Bill Brooks (
Thu, 6 Apr 1995 00:19:11 +0500

On Wed, 5 Apr 1995, Shannon the Cannon wrote:

> If we start discussing FAQ's then that is exactly what
> this list will become.

My guess is that there's *SO* much traffic on comp.infosystems.www.* that
it's spilling over into this list. Keep that in mind and when someone
posts a question about transparent .gif's for the umpteenth time,
politely remind them of what the purpose of the list is. Point them to
the Usenet group where this question gets answered four times daily.

Now I have a real, honest-to-goodness HTML query. I'm working on a
special HTML form, and I want to use side-by-side listboxes. For two
listboxes, I already know that I can write:

Please choose a Pizza size:
<OPTION VALUE="Party">22" Party Pizza
<OPTION VALUE="Family">18" Family Pizza
<OPTION> 16" Large Pizza
<OPTION> 14" Medium Pizza
<OPTION> 12" Personal Pizza
</SELECT> </P>

What toppings would you like? <P>

<SELECT NAME="extra toppings" SIZE=8>
<OPTION>Green Pepper
</SELECT></DL> </P>

..but the "toppings" box would be underneath the "pizza" listbox. Now
I know that some of us are running arena on a megapixel display, but
for other Web clients(like DOS), the user would have to scroll up and
down quite frequently to see the connection between the two

Perhaps this is a little contrived example, but what I want
to do is a real need. Is there any way to make the client put the
listboxes side-by-side? If not, is it being considered for 3.0? Thanks
in advance for your advice and assistance.