HTML V3 Spec

Walt Houser at the IETF (
Wed, 5 Apr 1995 19:06:04 +0500

Just left the html working group mtg at the IETF where I just asked W3's
Dave Raggett (html Version 3 author) about this. Look at http://WWW.W3.ORG/
for the V3 spec and a mailto to join the html-wg mail list. Unfortunately,
the v3 spec is not on with the v1 spec.

>I am now curious as to the new HTML 3.0. I'm not quite clear what its
>new features are. I hear there is a method to inserting a background on

Dan or Dave, could you post the html wg agenda as it summarizes the proposed
functionality quite succinctly. Otherwise, interested parties need to go to to join the mail list.

>a home page. Can anyone tell me where I could find some specs on HTML
>3? Also, how is this new HTML compatible with the browsers we now use?
>Will new browsers be needed? Just curious.

V3 should be backward compatible with existing browsers but updates to
browsers will be needed to take advantage of the new functionality.

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