Re: Why Mosaic (SMTP Id#: 50843) -Reply

Phillip M. Hallam-Baker (
Tue, 4 Apr 1995 05:54:28 +0500

>One thing Netscape information providors can do is to make the
>transparent background colour of their gifs light grey (ie RGB value
>of 195,195,195). I know this makes it a little more difficult to make
>sure the gif is actually transparent, but as most other browser use
>this as a back ground colour, you will greatly increse the chances of
>you transparent gifs still looking good in other browsers (and I
>don't just mean Mosaic.


If you want transparent gifs use transparent Gifs. a grey background looks
horrid on Arena but a real transparent GIF looks nice with the mottled
effect showing through.

Transparent gifs tend to only work well if it is a logo or a line diagram.

What would be nice would be to have a pixmap type affair such that the
drawing was stated as being in the foreground and backround colours
of the screen. Thus the text colour would match the picture text colour.

Something for the new Gif standard perhaps??

Phill H-B