Re: Writing a GREAT HTML editor!

Adam Thodey (
Tue, 4 Apr 1995 01:18:20 +0500

I have a few suggestions:

As what was stated previously: but in a different way. When including
graphics you should be able click on a button to insert graphic. The
dialog box would ask you for the either the path and name of the file or
URL and then automatically create the link in the document. It can
either insert the tag around a highlighted object or just their. It
should also ask for alignment of the graphic and if text will be next to
it and where that text should go. Maybe use bullet type entry for this.

Maybe you could write it like the setup in wordperfect 5.1... where it
shows you your text and different colors for different things. but then
you can "reveal codes" to show you all the codes and change those if you

you hsould have quick keys to enter different tags: ie. ctrl-alt p for
paragraph tag but come up with a dialog box for all the options.

Maybe simultaneously you could have a screen next to it as WYSIWYG
environment and translate the code for you as you type it in.

Make it a WYMIWYG type program (What you MEAN is what you get!!) :)


On Mon, 3 Apr 1995, John-Paul Clark wrote:

> After working with the major HTML editing products I found through Strouds
> Consummate Winsock Apps, I was somewhat dissappointed. With this in mind, I
> decided to write my own. Hopefully I will be releasing a Beta in 2-3 months!
> This product will DEFINITELY have a "Microsft feel", it's button bars
> looking very much like Word or Access. Further, I will be building in ALL
> the features of the 3 or 4 other products, PLUS providing COMPLETE support
> for HTML 3.0 (at least as it is proposed) and support for all Netscape
> extended commands.
> I plan on making this product free for students and non-profit
> organizations, but charge a minimal license fee for others.
> I would GREATLY appreciate any input you may have in OTHER features everyone
> would like to see. In gratitude for your suggestions, I'll keep your e-mail
> addresses handy in order to let you know exectly when the product is
> released. I'll also talk to my partner about providing free licenses to
> those people with unique ideas we actually implement.
> Thanks all!!! Hope to hear from you soon!
> Cordially,
> John-Paul Clark

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