Re: Converting Mac GIFs to UNIX

Lindsay Davies (
Fri, 31 Mar 1995 17:26:16 +0500

>I am trying to convert from a MacHTTP server to HTTPD on a Sun running SunOS
>4.1.3 and am having some problem converting my Mac GIF documents. I have
>tried a number of Mac utilities (GIFConverter, GraphicConvert) and then
>ftp-ing the docs to the Sun and viewing under XV with no luck. Anyone have
>any tips as to how to get my Mac GIFs over the the Sun in a Sun-readable

This is a problem that comes up quite regularly.

Firstly, ensure that your gif files are suffixed '.gif' - note that is
lowercase. Then make sure that all references to the gifs in your HTML docs
are case-accurate, unix servers reference files in a case sensitive manner,
machttp doesn't.

The actual uploading I do using Fetch's raw data setting. This doesn't
munge with the filename or anything, nor encodes the data in any
mac-specific format. (You might want to remove the resource fork first,
using something like RFZap, but I think this is ignored anyway by Fetch).

As for the best tool for creating GIFs, I tend to use Photoshop for
creating the image, but GraphicConverter for all the fiddly bits like
making it interlaced and setting transparent colours etc. I can't recommend
it highly enough.

Both GraphicConverter and RFZap are available from info-mac sites.

Hope that helps.


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