Re: HTML Assign?

Paul Ramsey (
Thu, 30 Mar 1995 19:21:31 +0500

I use a C preprocessor and a makefile. This not only allows includes but
lets me use macros for various common things that I might do. The main
capability that this allows is for me to have three versions of every page
(text only, pretty html 2.0, and netscape). All three versions of every page
is produced from one source HTML file. Here is the source for for the web page
for my cat which can be seen at

#define FILENAME melvin
#define TITLE Melvin's Home Page
#include ""

My name is Melvin and I'm 3 years old. I'm shy around strangers but I'm very
friendly to those who I know. I have a brother named <a href=HTML(sinbad)>
Sinbad</a> who is just a little older than me. My favority activity is
following <a href=HTML(kitty)>Kitty</a> around the house. She whacks me on the
head every once in a while but I think she's just playing hard to get. I wrote
this poem for her on Valentine's Day:

<p CENTER><b>
Roses are red
<br>Violets are blue
<br>Please let me
<br>Come sniff you

When I'm not following Kitty around I like to perform gravity experiments. I'm
always amazed that little objects fall to the ground just as fast a big
objects. After a few minutes of that I need to take a nap.
<img align=top src=IMAGEFILE(paw_print) alt="Melvin">

PHOTO(melvin_napping,Melvin napping)
#include ""