Any good HTML editors out there?

Grzegorz Staniak (
Fri, 24 Mar 1995 15:15:47 +0500


I was wondering if anyone on the list knows of a good HTML editor
available somewhere, and let me explain what I mean by a "good

- possibility of editing files as large as I need;
- configurable interface;
- integrated SGML parser and/or a rule checking mechanism;
- not WYSIWYG, but allowing to launch a testing application,

and the list could go on. Currently I use HTMLEd 1.2 and like it
very much. I hear there's a Pro version being prepared, but I don't
know much about it (I e-mailed the author some time ago and didn't
get answered).

Any ideas? I know this is a question that keeps cropping up - sorry.
I would particularly like to be able to feed the editor with a DTD
and then be prompted for syntax errors during editing. Is anybody
writing something like that by any chance?

Grzesiek Staniak