Re: Centering in HTML?

Lou Montulli (
Thu, 23 Mar 1995 20:36:32 +0500

On Mar 23, 3:20pm, wrote:
> Subject: Centering in HTML?
> I was wondering if anyone could tell me if there is a way to center lines
> within the HTML markup that is not tied to a paragraph. I realize that <p
> align=center> is available, but is there something equivalent for lines? If
> there isn't, will something
> be available in the future?

There is currently no standardized way of doing this that has any widespread

Eventually <DIV ALIGN=CENTER> will do what you desire.

In the absence of DIV you could use the <CENTER> tag with the understanding
that it will only work in Netscape, W3-mode, and the OS/2 browser, and
will probably never make it into the official HTML spec.

<DIV> also has the nice capibility of being able to add a CLASS attribute
to specify its semantics and can specify many other alignment styles.

Maybe we can get <DIV> published in 2.1 so that we can start using it
sooner rather than later.

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