Re: Centering in HTML?

Debbie Sinmao (
Thu, 23 Mar 1995 18:31:45 +0500

i usually try to refrain from a "me too" response, but i couldn't help
but respond to this posting in said manner. netscape is a nice-looking
browser and i'm duly impressed w/ its table support, but i do question a
significant number of their extensions which are definitely non-html
compliant---html2 or html3---and hence non-sgml compliant.

On Thu, 23 Mar 1995, Michael Johnson wrote:

> >enclose your line between <center> and </center>
> No, don't do that. <CENTER> is not in either the HTML2 or HTML3 standards
> and won't be. It is recognized only by Netscape browsers (cough).
> Michael Johnson
> Relay Technology, Inc.