Re: HTML3 <OL inherit> gone for good?
Sun, 12 Mar 1995 14:14:55 +0500


> Hmm, does that mean that all HTML 3.0 browsers have to implement
> style sheets?

No, only the ones that wish to be successful. Word processors got
along fine without stylesheets until one came along that had them;
then it was just a very short time before it was a feature required by
the market, and programs that couldn't implement that feature went
under. There's no difference between page output and screen output in
this regard. In either medium, stylesheets are such an incredibly
powerful and obviously useful capability that you won't be able to
convince anyone to use a product that doesn't support them once any
product that does support them becomes generally available. It really
is just that simple. Anyone who tries to tell you that it's too hard
to do or that people really won't want to use stylesheets is just
whistling in the dark.


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