Re: HTML3 <OL inherit> gone for good?

lilley (
Fri, 10 Mar 1995 10:19:28 +0500

Dave Raggett said:

> [attribution lost] said:

> > Or is this just an omission by error? Either way is OK, so but the removal
> > should be noted in the change history if it is intentional.

> I have dropped inherit and the numbering style attributes from the proposal
> as I felt they could be safely left to style info, either in the STYLE
> element in the document head or in linked style sheets.

Hmm, does that mean that all HTML 3.0 browsers have to implement style sheets?
I thought that was considered a bad idea.

The good thing about the numbering style attributes was, it made conversion
from wordprocessor and DTP packages much easier.

This is important. If the original document refers to "the problem with
option d" the relevant list should be numbered a b c d e not 1 2 3 4 5

Existing browsers - Arena, Netscape, emacs w3 - implemented some or all of
these already. They are not conceptually difficult for people typing in HTML
in the raw, and are not difficult for implementors either.

I have no problem with stylesheets optionally changing the formatting - like,
I want the little a b and c in my list to be in 10 point dark grey Corrina,
or whatever; but I feel it should be possible to express the meaning without
a stylesheet.

Forcing an alphanumeric list to map to either a numbered list, or a paragraph
with embedded markers and forced line breaks - no longer distinguishable as
a list - does not seem helpful to me.

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