Re: Captions for Figures and Tables

Yuri Rubinsky (
Fri, 10 Mar 1995 08:54:42 +0500

Dave writes, quoting previous ...

> > <!ELEMENT CAPTION - - (%text;)+ -- table or figure caption -->

> > This precludes things like:

> > <caption><h1>A Large Caption</h1></caption>

> > Should this be allowed? or should this wait until style sheets? e.g.

> > <caption class=bigcaps>A Large Caption</caption>

> I would much prefer the latter.

I think we'd be much better served by waiting for style sheets and
doing neither of these suggestions. That is,

Let's sat the circumstance under which I want a large caption is
associated with captions in figures (or some other place). Style sheets
will let me say make the caption large when its context is:

<caption>A large caption</caption>

which means that under the control of a different stylesheet I can
have a completely different look and feel.

This also means that if I should happen to want a consistent style
to the document, I can make all figre captions large without having
to go through to find each instance of that combination and insert
the "class=bigcaps" string.

If it is critical to me to make this one instance of that combination
different than any other occurrence of a figure caption, then the

<caption ID="A123">

gives me both the benefit of not having bound the display irrevocably to
BIGCAPS, but also the option of setting just that one caption to that
style. In addition, I could have a mapping in the style sheet that
allows me to treat all the elements (through an indirect style sheet
approach) that are mapped to BIGCAPS today to collectively be mapped
to PURPLE tomorrow.