Re: HTML3 FIG element

Dave Raggett (
Thu, 9 Mar 1995 15:56:34 +0500

> Is it legal for the SRC attribute of the FIG element to point to another
> complete HTML document or is the SRC limited to images?

The range of objects that can be inlined isn't really part of the HTML
standard. Instead, its a question of accepted practise and what current
browsers actually support, e.g. inline JPEG is becoming more common.
To start with, I don't expect browsers to support more than IMG does
today, but its a matter for what people want (and are prepared to pay for).

> If so, how are forms handled in this context? Having a FIG inside of a form
> can lead to nested forms. Does a SUBMIT of the top level form then also
> submit the nested forms?

Sneaky question, but no, they would be separate documents and as such

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