Re: FOOTNOTE element

Dave Raggett (
Thu, 9 Mar 1995 15:46:57 +0500

> I'd like to put in a bid to have the FN element restored. Here's why.

> 1) The content model of the <P> element makes it impossible to embed a
> footnote inside of a paragraph, so that something like this:

This is a misunderstanding. The idea is that you use a hypertext link
from the paragraph to the footnote. The link would be represented with
the <A> element in the normal way. The draft proposal explains how, see:

This is under "Admonishments and Footnotes" in the table of contents.

> 2) I don't think that the content model of NOTE is restrictive enough for a
> footnote element. Footnotes should be short, so things like tables and
> embedded notes and lists don't belong there. It would not be appropriate
> to restrict the content model of NOTE however, so a different element is
> needed for that purpose.

The relaxed content model for NOTE doesn't seem sufficient justification
to me for introducing another new tag. HTML in general provides a lax
content model making it easy to convert other formats into HTML.

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