Philip De Lisle (
Fri, 3 Feb 1995 04:04:31 +0100

Forgive the ignorance I am about to display :)

My net feed is only for UUCP, and I have no access (yet) to WWW or FTP
(other than as ftpmail).

Where/how do I get hold of the HTML specs given the above?

Would any kind soul out there have a copy they can email to me (I _can_
uudecode or MIME decode <bigG>)

My company writes a WYSIWYG help authoring tool for Windows (SOS Help!
Info-Author) and we are starting to receive literally 100's of requests
for an internal convertor to/from WinHelp. This is really easy for us to
do as our internal format works on the same principle as HTML, hence my
question. I do have a recent (late '94) MOSAIC viewer so I can check
what we are doing works!


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