Re: National characters...again

Albert Lunde (
Thu, 2 Feb 1995 19:27:58 +0100

> One would have expected that HTML, from its very early days, would
> have provided the construct
> <CHARSET="XXX"> ...any_8_bit_characters... </CHARSET>
> where XXX could be Latin-2, Latin-3, Latin-4,...

I think a problem with this, in general, is that it can be hard to
switch character sets on the fly while parsing SGML (though
there may be ways to do this (I'm not an SGML maven)).

I can't change history, but I think everyone on the standards
working groups agrees that international character
and multi-lingual document support *is* very important.

The issues are high on the "to do" list of the working
groups and have been discussed lately on the working group

(Not speaking officially for anyone... )

    Albert Lunde